Descendants of the Sun & DMZ

Today our school organized our 4th, and last, CAU Korea Exploration Program (or shortly CKEP). We left early in the morning towards Paju, which is located at Gyeonggi province. Our first destination was Camp Greaves, former US base know as a filming spot of the korean drama Descendants of the Sun. Descendants of the Sun is one of my favorite dramas, so it was really interesting to go there. And we even got to wear the uniforms, take lots of photos and make our own dog tags. I wrote my name in korean (안니) and Korea 2017 to mine. Visiting the place honestly made me feel like rewatching the drama again since I don't really remember that much about it.

Me and my friend in our military uniforms
After Camp Greaves we ate our free lunch and headed to the 3rd tunnel. The 3rd tunnel is a tunnel digged by North Koreans and it was designed for a suprise attack on Seoul from North Korea. The North Korea however claimed they built it for coal mining, but that is not possible since there is no coal in the soil at that area. We walked down a really steep incline and the tunnel just kept getting smaller and smaller until you had to walk with your head bowed down. At the end of the tunnel we got to see the second barricade. Getting down there was really easy, but going back was a completely different thing. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos in the tunnel, and after coming up I was too tired to even take photos from around and just went back to the bus instead.

After the 3rd tunnel we started heading to the Dora observatory, where you could actually see one of North Korean's cities, Gaeseong and a village called Kijong-dong. It is also know as a propaganda village, since the North Korean propaganda music is played there and the city is empty. Unfortunately the view wasn't the best possible since there was quite a lot of fog. We could actually hear North Korean propaganda music being played from other side of the border. I've also heard that once South Korea got revenge on that by playing known south korean pop from their side's speakers. 

You can't really see it from this photo, but over there in the fog is Gaeseong and on the right is the propaganda village.
We only had 20 minutes of time to be at the observatory since our schedule was kind of tight. When we were done at the observatory our next destination was the Dorasan station. It is South Korea's most northern train station and the first station towards North. It is only used once a day for tourists travelling from Seoul to DMZ area and it was built in hope of the Koreas uniting one day. If the Koreas were to be united the trains would be able to come all the way from Europe to Seoul. I really wish I get to see Koreas unite in my lifetime and get to take the train from Russia, near the Finnish border, all the way to Seoul. 

The station is 205 kilometres from the North Korean capital Pyeongyang and 56 kilometres from Seoul. It is also located just 7 kilometres from Gaeseong.

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