This is insane

Today marks my 5th day here! School started on monday and so far it's been really easy. But easiness might be because it's "shopping week" which means that this week people can drop and add their courses. I dropped one of my courses already because it ended up being too hard for me. I'm studying Business Administration here, even though in Finland I study Tourism Management. The course I dropped was Global Business and it was Master's course. Maybe it was better to drop it and take Business Communications instead. Hopefully it's a little bit easier. I actually have really easy schedule because I'm only taking 5 courses here. 

I haven't really had that much time to explore because of jet lag. Thankfully I'm starting to slowly get used to the local time. Sometimes it's really annoying to live in a different time zone than most of my friends since keeping in contact with them is really hard. But I'll manage, the world won't end if I can't contact my friends in Finland all the time. But that's all for today, I was just thinking of updating you guys a little about the life here.  

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  1. Vau, ihanaa vaihtovuotta sulle! :) Korea onkin aina ollut mielenkiintoinen paikka mulle, joten kiva päästä seuraamaan jonkun kuulumisia sieltä!