After leaving beautiful Korea behind, I met with my friend in Germany. Specifically in Berlin. This had been our plan since the summer, so that we got to see Berlin even during the winter time.
I arrived to Schönefeld airport in the evening, after 15 hours of traveling. Both of my flights were slightly delayed due to the weather conditions (it started to snow in Korea right in the morning and in Moscow it had apparently been snowing the whole day), but thankfully I still made it to my connecting flight from Moscow. It is definitely going to be last time I ever go to the Sheremetyevo airport as it was really not that good of an airport. There were only 4 passport control desks open, 4 security check points open and people from two different huge planes. I was already so tired by the time I reached Moscow that my head was hurting thanks to the exhaustion. At that point I just wanted to reach Schönefeld as soon as possible. Thankfully I finally got to Schönefeld, met up with my friend and we started to head to our hostel. However thanks to a booking mistake I made, we soon realized that I had booked a 4 person co-ed dorm room. But we really didn't let that get us down and after getting some pizza we just headed to bed. The first and most exhausting day was finally over.
On the second day we slept relatively long, and headed shopping. In the end we found ourselves from Potsdamer Platz near a really beautiful Christmas market. I wanted to buy glückwein since I got recommended to do so by my friend. But in the end I felt too sick to get it so I didn't get one of the prettiest glasses I've seen nor did I get to taste glückwein.. After strolling through the Christmas market for a while we headed to see Thor - Ragnarök.
On the third day we went shopping again and jet lag was really much present. I felt really sick but I kept it to myself as I wanted my friend to be able to do some shopping at least. Though I'm pretty sure she saw that everything definitely wasn't OK. Finally after hours and hours of shopping and me not buying anything, we headed back to our hostel. And shortly after that I realized I couldn't keep anything inside me. Not even any liquids. So I spent my night running back and forth the bathroom and pretty much just suffering. Apparently I had exhausted myself too much and that was my body's way of telling me to slow down.
For our last day I just got some rest for the beginning of the morning, carefully ate something and decided I was feeling much better. So we headed shopping once again for the last of the Christmas presents.
It was really nice to get to see Berlin and to return at least for a while. I however noticed that Korea and Seoul had made a really big impact to my life and I had even forgotten what it was like to spend the summer in Berlin. Of course I miss all those memories in Berlin, but if I keep getting stuck to those memories I probably wouldn't be able to live in the moment that well.