Morning walks

Sometimes because of homesickness and feelings of loneliness I forget how lucky I am to be in Seoul. The other day I had the worst case of homesickness in my whole time here. All of my friends were either busy or I just didn't feel like bothering them, so I was just in my room. Bored, homesick and feeling kind of lonely. So I went out for a walk. I got lost and walked way too much with wrong pair of shoes, but I got to see so many beautiful views on my way. And it made me remember again how lucky I was to be in this beautiful city.
After walking for god knows how long, I ended up to a subway station and just decided to take the subway back home. Just the fresh air and the views I saw made my day so much better and made me forget about all the homesickness. Because I remembered again why I do this, why time after time I go to places where I know no one and leave my comfort zone. I do it because if I stay home, I wouldn't be able to see so many beautiful places, I wouldn't be able to meet people from all over the world and I wouldn't be able to experience the things I've experienced while being on my adventures. I am so lucky to be here, but sometimes I just seem to forget that.
That's all for today, see you next time.

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