Now what?

I'm back in Finland. What the heck. Everything feels still really unreal, I can't believe the adventure is already over. It felt just like a yesterday when I flew from Finland all the way to the other side of the world, to South Korea all by myself. Even though I hate to admit this, time really does fly.
My exchange semester has been one of the greatest and weirdest experiences in my life. I have made friends from different countries (though it seems that I have surrounded myself with mostly people coming from Germany), experienced a culture completely different from my own, felt homesick for the first time in my life and learned to be more me.
But what does the life have in store for me now? Well, first of all I'm moving in with my friend and I'm planning on going on Interrail next summer. And I continue my tourism studies, which honestly I am very happy about. Studying business in Chung Ang just made me realise how much I actually like studying tourism. Sometimes I was so confused because it just wasn't my major and I honestly couldn't care any less. I only wanted to pass my courses and get the needed credits. Besides studying and travel planning, I've been planning something else as well, something that kind of combines both of those things. But since I'm not quite sure about that thing yet, I won't write that much about it. I might write some kind of thinking of doing this thing, but still not quite sure so here's some reasons why I should do the thing and why I shouldn't - post. But we shall see.