Shanghai part 2

Finally got around writing the part two from my small trip to Shanghai. The first part you can find here. 

On the third day of being in Shanghai, I got to sleep quite long. And that made me so much more happier.  Because we didn't have that much planned we just decided to go shopping. My goal was to find a backbag and a winter jacket. Well.. I didn't find either one of those. Did I find anything else? Nope. And why is that? Because I thought that I had no money left, but on my last day it turned out that I had completely forgotten about the money I exchanged beforehand in Korea.. You should've seen how pissed I was at my own stupidity..

On the fourth day, we got some breakfast at the hotel (best breakfast I've had in a while) and headed out. Truthfully I wasn't quite sure what our destination was, since my friend had planned everything out. When we arrived at the subway station we started having a bit of a problems of finding how to get to the destination: China Art Museum.
After wandering around in a shopping mall looking for a way out for almost an hour, we found our way out and towards the art museum. There was no entrance fee which was awesome, since I still thought at that point that I had no money..

After the museum we decided to jump into one of those tourist buses. It cost us 40 RMB (~5 €) which was really cheap to me. We got to see quite a lot and in the end we ended up taking two different tours that were both included into the price. But we kind of realized too late that we were nowhere near Shanghai Tower where we were planning on going to next. So we jumped off the bus and started looking for a subway to get to our destination. It took us a while.. And when we finally found the subway and got to the Shanghai Tower it was already dark.

Our first plan was to arrive just before sunset so we would get to see the sunset, but since we got lost earlier we were a bit late. But the night view is not that bad either. There were so many lights and seeing Shanghai from waaaay up high made me realize how big of a place Shanghai actually is. The Shanghai Tower is world's second highest building and I'm so happy we went to see it. I definitely recommend going there when visiting Shanghai. My friend told me that the better known Pearl Tower was apparently not worth the money but I don't really know about that since I didn't go to Pearl Tower.
After spending few hours at the Shanghai Tower we decided to head back to the hotel since I had to wake up quite early the next morning for my flight back to dear Seoul.