Shanghai part 1

Oopsiedaisie, almost a month went by without a single new post. Well, let's just say that life has been kinda busy. But yeah, let's get into the post now without further ado.
I went to Shanghai last Thursday for 5 days to see my friend, who is there as an exchange student for a semester, and came back this Monday. It was really interesting to get to see a completely different culture from what I've gotten used to here in Korea. Sometimes I was really confused, because I'm already used to Korean culture and their manners. I've divided my Shanghai trip to two different parts, because I feel like it would be waaaay too long as a one post.

I learned how to make gifs so I turned my snapchat story from Thursday into one, just for the heck of it.

On Thursday when I arrived my friend came to get me from the airport and had to wait for me an hour longer than expected because the lines in the customs were so fricking long. I couldn't reach her in any way because my Korean phone didn't work and my Finnish phone refused to send her text messages for some reason.. And of course the wifi at the airport only worked if you had a Chinese phone number. Not such a good start to the trip, to be quite honest :'D.
When I finally got through customs and got my luggage my friend guided me through subway to the subway station near the hotel. Well... Apparently there's two same hotels with a same name :''D. And of course we ended up going to the wrong one.. Thankfully the "wrong" hotel called us a taxi and we finally got to the right hotel, which wasn't that far away thankfully. After getting my stuff to the hotel we just went to eat and after that straight to bed because by that point I was already exhausted.

On the second day we headed to one of the most magical places on earth, DISNEYLAND!! I've never been to Disneyland before so I was really excited about it. Even though we arrived quite early there was already a lot people queing up for the rides. We had to queue for each ride at least 40 minutes.. And I'm not a really patient person.. But we survived and got into at least the most popular rides. My favorite one was definitely the Tron one and in the end we ended up going to that one twice. We left quite early because I was already sick with the flu when we came there and by the end of the evening I started to feel even more sicker. So it was better to leave early than stay longer and to get sicker.