Getting used to

It's been a while since my last post. I don't know why but I just haven't felt like writing lately, but now I'm hopefully getting back on the horse, so to say.
It's still so weird to be back in Finland but thankfully I'm getting used to it. I no longer bow when I go to the store nor start greeting in Korean. But I'm still receiving and giving everything with two hands and sometimes I accidentally just switch to English without even noticing it.
I have gotten used to Finland a little bit more and have started to like being in Finland again. Before I kept looking for everything Korean in Finland, but now I have realized that Finland and Korea are completely different. There's no temples here nor lots of historical things amongst really modern things. In the beginning I hated it so much but now I guess I've just settled.
I still miss Korea and all of my friends I got from there and I'm already planning my next trip there. I've actually even done research on doing my Master's there but we'll see about that..
This time I'm not really writing that much because honestly there's just nothing special going on. But next month I'm going to Amsterdam to see my friend who's doing her exchange there, so I'll write lots about that.

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