Studying @ Chung Ang University

What is it like to study at my korean university? What university do I even go to? Those are the things people might be wondering about. That's why I'm writing this post.
So, I study Business administration in Seoul at Chung Ang University (충앙대학교). I'm going to be here for one semester so until 18th of December. So far it has been really easy for me to study here, since I only have four courses and school only 3 times a week (Mon, Tue & Thu). I have two courses from general studies and two from my own major. In Finland I study Tourism Management but since CAU doesn't offer tourism managment studies in english, I have to study business administration. But it doesn't really bother me, since I have to take some business courses in Finland as well.

Elementary Korean language
Just a basic Korean course. We have one 95 minute class once a week, on Mondays. So far we've just been studying hanguls and some basic words. I have my midterm on this course next Monday and I still haven't learned the hangul perfectly.. It looks like the whole weekend is going to be full of stuidying. On this course we have midterm and a final exam, which also has an oral exam.

Business Communication
This course is one of my favorites. No exams, just two or three quizzes and quite a lot of assignments. At the beginning of the class the professor explains how to do a thing and then we do the thing. For example how to write a negative message or how to tell directions. Then we do an assignment on it and after we're done we discuss it either as groups, pairs or with the whole class. Quite an easy and interesting course.

Also one of my favorites. The professor in this class mostly just lectures, sometimes ask questions and suddenly might just say "okay i'm done" and the class is over. At first his teaching method annoyed me but now I've gotten used to it. This course is actually really easy for me because I've already taken 3 courses of marketing before (2 in vocational school and 1 at my home university). Sometimes the teacher has a really bad english but I'll manage. Two exams and a big group project.

Contemporary Korean Popular Culture
Quite a boring course to be honest. It sounded really good when I chose it, but it ended up not being the way I expected it to be. We just learn about how Korean popular culture became the way it is these days and how hallyu wave started. It could be more interesting, but so far I'm not really interested in the K-Pop history. However I do believe it's going to be more interesting after the midterm, since we start learning more about cinematic history. Two exams and maybe one group project, not quite sure.

At the beginning of the semester I had some other courses as well, but I ended up dropping them. I am now doing the minium amount of credits needed, but it's okay. And I know for certain that as soon as I get back to my home university it is going to be really hard and busy, since I have to start completing my project studies and the courses that I have missed while being in Korea. Thankfully I still have three more months to just relax.

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