Some changes

I don't know if anyone noticed but I put my blog private for a few days, because I wanted to make some changes without people getting annoyed with me :'D.
So what are those changes then Anni?
First of all, I archived some of my older posts because I just feel really cringey whenever I see them in my blog and I feel like they aren't the way I really want them to be like.
The second change is that I have decided to change the whole blog into English. Why? Just because. I feel like I can express myself better in English than in Finnish. I will leave some of my old posts (that are in Finnish) to the blog under the tag 'in finnish'. I realize that some people who have so far been reading my blog are mostly Finnish which means that this might not be as fair for them. And I'm really sorry, but this is just how I like writing now.
That's all of the changes I've made, there's only two major changes but still the blog changes a lot.

TL;DR suomeksi: Eli olen päättänyt muuttaa blogin kokonaan englanninkieliseksi, sillä tunnen voivani ilmaista itseäni paremmin englanniksi. Jätän osan vanhoista suomenkielisistä postauksistani kuitenkin blogiin ihan suomenkielisinä, sillä en jaksa/halua niitä kääntää.

See ya next time,