Korean baseball

Last friday our school organized us a trip to see Doosan Bears vs. SK Wyverns game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium as part of our CKEP (Cultural Korean Exploration Program). The trip was completely free and the competition to get there was quite intense. I myself signed up for it as one of the first people and thankfully I got a spot. I don't really like baseball but I heard that Korean baseball game is something you really have to experience. The atmosphere at the stadium was amazing and I ended up staying until the end of the game, even though the bus back to the school already left at 9pm.

I was also cheering Doosan Bears to win. We got inflatable sticks from our school, and we just beat those together instead of clapping. Below there is a video showing the atmosphere at the stadium. Like you can see in the video, right in front of the audience there is a stage where someone was telling us how to cheer at that moment and what to sing or yell. Sometimes cheerleaders also danced on the stage.

In the end we ended up losing to SK Wyverns 11-4. Of course it's sad, but truthfully speaking Doosan Bears did play really poorly. 

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  1. Varmasti ollut upea kokemus! Paras toi ukko, joka ohjaa mitä huudetaan tai lauletaan :D En kestä

    1. Oli kyllä aivan mahtava kokemus! Itseäkin aina välillä nauratti se ukkeli kun neuvo samalla, kahto pelii aina välissä ja sekos niissä ohjeissaan :'D