Flying soon (again)

I've finally bought my flight ticket from Helsinki to Seoul and from Berlin to Helsinki. So scary. My work here ends already on the 14th and then I have 10 days to rest and panic about Korea. On the 24th I will be flying from Helsinki to Seoul and on the 25th I'm in Korea at 8am and my airport pick-up towards the dorm leaves at 10am. 

The thought about leaving Berlin feels really sad at the moment and too unreal. Soon I won't be here anymore. Soon I'm all alone in a new country, getting used to the new timezone, concentrating to studying and finding a completely new friend group. Berlin has maybe been a little too safe for me because I've had my friend with me all the time at the same hotel and on top of that some people from my university, who I've been able to hang out with and have fun with. 

Even though leaving Berlin is sad, I'm kind of happy to go to a new place. I already know that Seoul will be an amazing place and that everything is gonna be alright. Besides, I'm returning to Berlin in December. Yes, I already have a trip planned. In December, right after my semester in Seoul ends, I'm going to Berlin for a few days and I'll meet my friend there.

Feels so weird that soon I won't be seeing my friend in 4 months. Huhhuh. So in short I'm soon leaving Berlin and it's sad, but at the same time I can't wait for my new adventure in South Korea and I kind of can't wait for school to start.